Controlled Environment Agriculture
CEA system is mainly used for users who grow high value-added crops in greenhouses, the system monitors environmental parameters through IoT sensors, combined with the optimal crop growth model in the system, intelligent management and control automation equipment to carry out scientific management, so as to increase yield, reduce manpower and water resources, pesticides and fertilizer consumption.

CEA system
Controlled Environment Agriculture System
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Increase Crop Yield
Efficient Management
Reduce Pollution
Through the crop optimal growth mode in the CEA system, the crop can be kept in the optimal growth state at all times, so as to achieve the effect of increasing yield.
Through the CEA system combined with automatic control equipment, the planting can be intelligently managed, which saves a lot of manpower.
Through the application of crop optimal growth models, fertilizers and pesticides can be used rationally and efficiently, thereby reducing environmental pollution.
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Agricultural Remote Rensing
Yuntong System

Yuntong system collects remote sensing satellites, meteorological satellites, and UAV images, continuously monitors crops, uses the company's self-developed AI algorithms and models to analyze and process images, obtains key crop growth data, and provides standardized data services for agricultural financial institutions, large farms, government departments and other users.

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